4 Tips On How To Move On From A Long-Term Relationships


Breakups are hard — if only they taught us how to move on from long-term relationships in school, right? Unfortunately, we can all agree that when it comes to relationships, there isn’t really a tested-and-proven formula that we can use to fix problems and make everything better.

If you open yourself to a person, there’s a 99.9% chance that you will experience some kind of emotional hurt and even heartbreak.

Here are some tips on how to move on from a long-term relationship.

1. Avoid Partying

People often turn to alcohol, partying or meaningless sex to forget the pain of a breakup. We’ve been there. It’s one way to cope with pain — it numbs all feelings and gives you some sort of escape, if only for a few hours. But not allowing yourself to feel the pain makes it all the more hard to move on. Process the feelings, no matter how hard it may be. It’s the first step to healing.

2. Do Something Productive

Volunteer for community service, write a short story or star vlogging. Identify your strengths and interests and do something to cultivate that. It’s one way to divert your attention without wasting your time and energy. Plus, if you get really good at something, it might lead to new opportunities.

3. Stay Away From Social Media

Previous studies have shown that social media makes people unhappy. Staying away from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during a difficult time in your life saves you from all the pangs of jealousy and loneliness that you might feel. Social media tends to have a reflective effect on people — we see¬†how great other people’s lives are and we tend to compare ours to them. It’s toxic. Stay away from that.

4. Find A New Goal

Breakups make us feel like we’re back to square one. It’s a disarming feeling. But it’s also an opportunity to set new goals to follow in life. Focus on these goals for a while and learn to do things on your own and count it as one way to learn independence.


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