4 Bad Habits That May Be Offensive To Your Vagina


Everyone has bad habits. It may be smoking, drinking, binge-eating or drunk-dialing your exes. It’s part of the human experience, after all. To some people, bad habits may be the things you do (or don’t do) that aren’t nice to your vagina.

Your vagina is your best friend, so if you treat it nicely, you’re likely to be #blessed by it. However, if you take your lady bits for granted or become a careless friend to her sensibilities, you just might feel the wrath of Mother Nature.

Just to clear things up though, the vagina is actually not visible on the outside – it’s actually hidden inside, where fluids come from. Meanwhile, the external bits such as the labia majora (the outer lips) is called the vulva.

So now that’s all clear, here are some bad vagina habits that might sound surprising to you but are actually quite common and can be harmful if not addressed.

1. Scratching An Itch

Your grandmother might have told you to keep your hands off your “lady flower” when you were a kid and she probably has a point. However, unlike your granny, we aren’t just saying this because we’re stuck up and sexist but because scratching an itch down there could actually irritate your private parts more.

Itching might be a cause of dryness or irritation from the products that you use, especially alcohol-based products. Instead of scratching them, use an all-natural product that could relieve you of the feeling. We recommend applying sunflower oil or coconut oil on the affected area.

2. You Wipe The Wrong Way

It’s basic knowledge that if you wipe your anus from back to front, chances are, the bacteria and germs could transfer to your vulva and vagina, which may cause infections. So remember this and #NoteToSelf: Wipe from front (meaning from your vulva) to back (to your butt hole).

3. Wearing Moist Underwear

We’re not going to ask how come you’re wearing a moist underwear – perhaps it’s the weather or that your dryer is broken. The point is, you shouldn’t be wearing a semi-dry underwear in the first place. Moisture is a breeding ground for some bacteria. That means, when you wear a moist underwear, you’re actually bringing millions of bacteria close to your vajayjay.

4. Using Old Razors

The most common bad habit among women is using old or dull razors when they shave. Dull razors could irritate your vulva, causing ingrown hair, bumps and dark spots to pop up. If possible, change razors after using them two to three times.


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