Hackers Targeted Selena Gomez And The Weeknd Using These ‘13 Reasons Why’ Actors’ Instagram


Fame has a price and sometimes, that price is one’s privacy – at least, that’s what we believe 13 Reasons Why actors learned recently after getting their Instagram accounts hacked.

Ross Butler, who plays the role of Zach and Justin Prentice, who plays the role of Bryce in 13 Reasons Why, recently became victims of an internet hacking job, which targeted their show producer, Selena Gomez and her beaux, The Weeknd.

The hackers left a comment on The Weeknd’s profile using Ross Butler’s Instagram and left another one on Selena Gomez’s using Justin Prentice’s account.

“So glad you produce our show,” Prentice’s hacker wrote on Selena Gomez’s account with the hashtag, #thosewhocantactproduce and #knowyoplacebooboo.

13 reasons why actors the weeknd selena gomez

Meanwhile, Butler’s hacker left this comment on The Weeknd’s photo with Gomez during the MET Gala: “Yo. Hold on to ya girl. She was getting a little fresh on set,” along with the eggplant emoji.

13 reasons why actors the weeknd selena gomez

Not long after the comments were posted, the 13 Reasons Why actors took to Twitter to let fans know what’s going on.

“Yup. Hacked,” Butler wrote on Wednesday morning.

“Yes, Ross and I were hacked,” Prentice explained on Twitter. “We have full control of our accounts again. Nothing but love for the people who were targeted.”

Of course, the actors have nothing but love for the “Hands to Myself” singer. After all, she’s one of the people who fought to have 13 Reasons Why adapted from a book into a Netflix series!

No word yet from Selena Gomez and The Weeknd regarding the said hacking incident.

This isn’t the first time celebrities became the target or victims of hacking.

The most controversial was the Sony hacking incident, dubbed as “The Hack of the Century.”

There was also the iCloud hacking incident where some nude photos of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence were leaked.

Other victims of the said hacking incident also included Kate Upton, Justin Verlander, Kaley Cuoco, Kirsten Dunst, Jessica Brown Findlay and Jill Scott.


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