Dear 20-Somethings: You’re Not Overreacting When You Feel Burnt Out


20-somethings can feel burnt out too.

Last weekend, I was swamped with work, school work from my master’s degree, and was just getting over a bad bout of fever and had to miss a family gathering because I was honestly so burnt out that all I wanted to do that Sunday afternoon was sleep.

Imagine how pissed off I felt when upon waking and texting my sister if they could possibly pack me a doggy bag from the party, she replied that my uncle, upon finding out I skipped out on the party to rest, launched into a tirade about how my generation didn’t value familial ties anymore, how ‘minor inconveniences’ like work and school shouldn’t take precedence over family gatherings.

Like, calm down!

Many angry and eye-roll emojis were exchanged between me and my sister over that bit of info, and ended with her promising to get me takeout instead when she got home, I took the opportunity to indulge myself on how my uncle could label me off like that. We aren’t even particularly close! He doesn’t know half the things I go through like, just even in a month. Not counting the major anxiety I get when I think about my future; like housing, savings, retirement and all that.

From that experience, I’d like to let my generation know, it’s not a sign of weakness to admit you’re burnt out, much less taking time for yourself to rest and try to get yourself back together.

Before you scoff, I know that I’m incredibly fortunate and privileged to live the kind of life I do, just worrying about myself when other people my age have it much worse. But that still doesn’t invalidate the tiredness I feel, the frustrations I deal with, and the problems I’m trying to tackle head on.

And no matter what you’re going through, don’t let others invalidate your struggle too.


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