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Best Golden Globes 2017 Tweets That Will Make You LOL And Cry

golden globes 2017

The Golden Globes 2017, as expected, was full of ups and downs and twists and turns. From Meryl Streep’s speech about Donald Trump to Ryan Reynolds kissing another person besides his wife – here are the most memorable, cringe-worthy and LOL-worthy moments at the Golden Globe Awards, as told by Twitter.

When reporter Jenna Bush Hager mistook the movie, Fences for another movie called Hidden Figures and called it “Hidden Fences” and interviewed Pharrel Williams about it, Twitterverse cringed, rolled their eyes and made fun of it.

How Everyone Looked At Meryl Streep

When Meryl Streep delivered a moving speech on stage about Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher), Donald Trump and xenophobia and everyone looked at her with googly eyes.

But Not Everyone Was Impressed With Streep’s Speech

But of course, the United States of America responded to Meryl Streep. After all, she’s Meryl Streep!

John Ledge… What?

They spelled John Legend’s name wrong and his wife, Chrissy Teigen got a laugh out of it.

Professor Keating’s Night

And when our Queen of Thursday dramas, Viola Davis won a Golden Globes, the internet just went nuts.

The Way Emma Looked At Ryan

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were  big winners that night – not only because they won Best Actor and Actress in a Comedy or Musical but because they found friendship in eachother. Proof?

Ryan Loves Eva

And can we talk about that moving speech Ryan Gosling gave for his wife, Eva Mendes?

When the Stranger Things Kids Got The Stars Excited

And When They All Looked Dapper On The Red Carpet

Mophie Is Real

When Game of Thrones stars, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams turned Anna Kendrick into a #MoPhie fan.

Best Kiss Of The Night

When Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield couldn’t keep their hands to themselves.

Badly Written Jokes

When Sofia Vergara’s badly-written anal joke script fell through and people couldn’t help but react to it.

Add A Bit Of Singing

And of course, that cheesy, if not hilarious musical number for the Golden Globe’s opening.


And that’s the Golden Globes 2017!


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