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9 Awesome Feminist Art To Inspire You This 2017

Need inspiration for 2017? How about these feminist art that you can buy online?

Happy New Year! It’s a great time to be alive, to contemplate on the things that happened the previous year (or not) and learn from it. But most of all, work your ass off to have the best 2017 ever!

Here are awesome and inspiring feminist art to help you kick-start this new year.

1. Slay All Day

feminist art

Nothing screams feminist than the word “Slay.” We don’t know where today’s connotation of the word originated exactly but all we know is that it’s been stuck in our heads ever since Queen Beyonce made it a part of the lyrics for “Formation.” To have the words “Slay all day” on your wall would be nothing short of motivational.

2. #GirlBoss

feminist art

Describing yourself as a “Girl Boss” is one way of saying, “My life, my rules.” Being a Girl Boss basically means you own and embrace yourself, your body and your life. Buy this wall art online for your humble yet bad-ass abode.

3. Crush The Patriarchy

feminist art

Why crush the patriarchy, you may ask? Because that would mean equal rights for all. If you have a constant reminder of why you need to continue to fight everyday, place this art on your office table — it’s empowering and looks pretty, too!

4. Nude Female Art

feminist art

Nothing feels more empowering than embracing what you are. Women’s body part have long been objectified, sexualized and shamed. It’s time to take the power back by celebrating what you have with this nude female art.

5. All Adventurous Women Do

feminist art

Adventurous doesn’t always mean you have to jump off cliffs, climb treacherous mountains and hike dangerous trails. Sometimes it just means going beyond what’s expected of you. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to become more “adventurous”, buy this art as a reminder. Go ahead, ask for that cute guy’s number. Demand a pay raise. Tell your mom you’re gay. Be adventurous!

6. Ovaries Before Brovaries

feminist art - ovaries before brovaries

This art will remind you that the love you have for your girlfriends is pure and that you shouldn’t throw it away even if you’ve got a relationship going. Remember that no one else is going to hold your hair when you throw up after too many shots of vodka following a break-up!

7. Good Things Come To Those Who Hustle

feminist art

We know sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed early in the morning. Put this art in your bedroom and let it inspire you to hustle for your future, girl. Those cosmopolitans you love drinking with your girls at a posh bar isn’t going to pay for itself!

8. Empowered Women Empower Women

feminist art

This is for anyone who loves lifting up other women and hoping that love trumps hate (*wink). Plus, it’s a powerful piece of art for your mantel.

9. I Don’t Exist To Be Pretty

feminist art

Last but not the least, this awesome message for everyone out there — that women can be smart, beautiful, powerful, inspiring, passionate, creative, inventive, hardworking, funny, analytical, tough and other complex things. Don’t reduce them as just “pretty.”


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