‘13 Reasons Why’ Cast Joins San Francisco Pride Parade And We Couldn’t Be More Proud


Netflix: 13 Reasons Why cast were out and proud, showing their support for the LGBTQ community as they marched the San Francisco Pride Parade last Sunday.

Present in the parade were Katherine Langford (Hannah Baker), Alisha Boe (Jessica Davis), Michele Selene Ang (Courtney Crimsen), Justin Prentice (Bryce Walker), Christian Navarro (Tony Padilla), Miles Heizer (Alex Standall), and Devin Druid (Tyler Down) who joyfully interacted with their fans.

Michele Selene Ang, who plays the character, Courtney Crimsen, a closet lesbian in the teenage TV series shared a photo on her Instagram account containing a quote from Barack Obama.

“When all Americans are treated as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all more free.” (B. Obama) Filled with #pride to march for our LGBTQ brothers and sisters, for love-in my hometown!” – @micheleseleneang

The cast members walked the streets bearing signs with messages like,“So many reasons to be proud” and “Be and original” to inspire the public to be happy with who they are, no matter where they fall on the sexuality spectrum.

Last Sunday turned out to be one of the colourful days of San Francisco when the LGBTQ community happily showed off their distinctive spirits along the streets in relation to the worldwide celebration of Pride month.

Neflix’s float was a crowd favourite because of the TV series stars who have celebrated the said event.

On the other hand, reports say that the 13 Reasons Why cast and crew are in the midst of filming its anticipated second season.


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