7 Totally Glam And Blinged-Out Nail Art Designs For Your Next Ladies’ Night


nail art designs - nail jewelry

Getting ready for a night out with the girls? So you’ve got a sparkly dress to dance the night away and high-heels to match. But sometimes we forget a tiny detail that could totally complete the whole look and make you feel even more glamorous as you try to bargain your way through a hip and exclusive club downtown. That tiny detail is your nails.

Don’t worry, here are some of the most party rocking, gem-embellished nail art designs that you can wear during ladies night.

Nails With Tiny Geometrical Gems

nail art designs

This nail art design is simple but glamorous. Add small, square gems on top of your nail polish or over your top coat and get ready to party the night away.

Dots And Squares

nail art designs - nail jewelry

It’s the French tips with a golden twist. Add variety to your usual nail style by sticking tiny glitters and geometrical shapes before applying top coat. Just wait and see how these nails will look like under a disco ball and strobe lights!

Silver Swirls Nail Art

nail art designs

This nail art design is giving us a little bit of that Slytherin vibe, to be honest. If you’re cunning and ambitious as Gryffindor’s rival house from Harry Potter, this nail art design is definitely something to try on your next ladies night. We heard Slytherins party harder than any other house!

Royal Blue Peacock Design

nail art designs - nail jewelry

Going Salsa dancing? This royal blue nail art with gold embellishments and peacock-like print will help you get into the party spirit. Just think of it as a design fit for a festival.

Pale Pink And Diamonds

nail art designs

Cute and sweet, this pale pink nail art with diamond embellishments is perfect for a night of dancing with the girls and the hours after when you’re hooking up with a guy you met at a bar.

Black Pearl Nail Art Design

nail art designs

Perfect for yout little black dress, don this nail art design with little black pearls to complete your sophisticated yet party-ready look.

Wine-Colored Matte Nail Art

nail art designs - nail jewelry

We all love a glass or two of wine before, during or after a fun night with the girls. As an ode to the wine gods, take inspiration from this wine-colored nail art using a matte nail polish. Add a little variety and use clear polish at some parts of your nails.



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